Our Services

Flight Operation Services

Aircraft type assessment and selection process

  • Airline Fleet Planning and selection of aircraft.
  • Payload capability (passengers and cargo) using statistical weather data
  • Operational range capability
  • Cost analysis comparison of various types of aircraft under review
  • System configuration – Engine type, Cabin configuration, In-flight entertainment system etc.


Provision of Flight Crew

  • FD Aviation Services has the provision to provide Flight Crew to airlines.
  • We are committed to the recruitment of highly qualified and experienced flight crew who fully meet our clients' requirements
  • The Flight Crew recruitment is managed by aviation professionals with airline experience and knowledge and a worldwide network of industry contacts.


Flight Operations Consultancy Services

  • Fuel efficiency management.
  • Flight Operations process management
  • Electronic Flight Library (EFB)
  • Flight Operations safety management


Aviation Security

  • Preparation of aviation security policies for the airline.
  • Specific airline security procedures for pilots and cabin crews
  • Incorporation of aviation security laws implemented by authorities to stations where aircraft operates
  • Security audit and implementation of policies